Saturday, October 8, 2011


         About ten thousand years ago, a people worn out from hunting and gathering settled down in Mesopatomia on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. My people. They tamed animals, they plowed fields, they invented tools and passed into a sedentary life. Today, you find the ruins of their first attempts at civilization in Göbeklitepe in Urfa,  and Çayönü in Diyarbakır. Those people are the ancestors of the
Kurds who now so desperately try to affirm their existence on this same land. Of course, they possess a cuisine that cannot be disentangled from these millienia of historical development.
          There is so little information out there about what is cooking in those kitchens and just where that delicious-smelling smoke is coming from pouring out of the chimneys.
        I am creating this blog so I can share everything I am discovering about our cuisine. I want to open the way for the new generation to learn these dishes, and by cooking, bring this culture to life and introduce it to the world. To that end, I am writing this blog in English, Kurdish, and Turkish. I hope to add other languages in the future, and eagerly await your comments, opinions, and recipes.
         Bon Appetit!

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