Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good news from America!

All day, I felt like there was something wrong. All the news in the papers and on TV seemed to serve no purpose but to frazzle every last nerve. Even if some kind of peace ever comes to the country in which I live, then I think that I, or maybe all of us, are going to have to do something ridiculous like those people do who get into the Guiness World Book of Records and, I don't know, move a giant winch with our teeth or something along those lines.  Jeff is off spending his semester break with his family in Alabama. This morning we chatted on Skype and he wrote, 'Look on my Facebook page.' I looked.  Pam, the mother of a friend of his that lives in Boston, had made Shepherd's Bread (purgach) and Kurdish Stewed Beans ( lobiyên çêkirî), taken a picture and shared it on Facebook.  This is what she wrote to Jeff. 

"My first experiment with Kurdish green beans with garlic and eggs and my shepperds bread. Thanks to dalal and u for translations. I can already tell u gr beans are super cause i cheAted"

Of course, I was very excited and thrilled, and I immediately put it up on the Facebook page for this website, Of course, I decided to blog something about it here. From thousands of miles away, a wonderful human being has shared our food with us, while many people in my own country are feeling pleased that things like these earthquakes and massacres strike the Kurds. It brings tears to my eyes.
This is the picture Pam took
Later, I clicked on my blog site to start writing and what did I see? Ali Duran Topuz, one of my favorite writers in the Radikal newspaper, whom I have followed for quite some time, had become a member! How can I measure the day's simultaneous frustrations and pain, the joy and good news?  Not in pounds or kilograms--it's measureless, a veritable bounty.

I wish all of us overflowing, no, I mean a flood of overwhelming, no, a deluge of unexpected happiness!

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